2015 Changes in the MAN TGS

MAN TGS with shock absorbers Reiger and a new cabin

After the 2015th Africa Eco Race the team made some changes in the MAN, the competition truck.

The team installed a new cabin, with the security arch consolidated to it, which led to huge alterations of the existing equipment inside it. Thus, the original dashboard was replaced by carbon fiber drawn by the team itself based on its needs.

The original steering column was replaced by a competition direction which allows the pilot to have a greater precision while driving in winding tracks. This column was complemented by the installation of a steering shock absorber to which was conceived a new supporting structure, since the previous attempts weren’t effective.

The MAN TGS was also equipped with new chassis and cabin shock absorbers and it was designed and built a new structure for the cabin dampers.

To compete in a truck it is not only the driving skills that count. It demands that the team develops all technical aspects! It was a great challenge to carry out all these changes and I confess that it gave us many headaches. However, it is still gratifying to realize that the MAN has an increasingly personal nature and that we can make it more competitive, “said Elisabete Jacinto.

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