2016 – History

As it has become a habit, the season began with the biggest rally, the Africa Eco Race, for which the team set out with great enthusiasm. However, the suspension shock absorbers did not correspond to the expected quality, and the team was forced to moderate the pace, so as to preserve the mechanics of the truck. Due to health problems, one member of the team had to be evacuated, and that upset everything enormously. Although it had to proceed with a reduced number of members, the team kept its characteristic determination, and it ended in third place in the Truck class.

In April it entered the Libyan Rally for the first time: it was the seventh edition of that Rally, but it took place in Morocco. The team is first in the third round general classification and leads the next round for some time. However, when crossing Erg Chegaga, the truck tumbles over one of the dunes. The damages were such that the team chose not to go on.

The second part of the year was devoted to changing the image of the team, since the Oleoban brand, present from 2009 onwards, gave its place to the Bio-Ritmo brand, which corresponds to a food supply from Medinfar lab designed to diminish physical and mental fatigue, as well as to boost energy levels in situations of extreme weariness.

To prepare for the next season, the TGS engine undergoes a boost in power, setting off for the next Africa Race with 830hp.

In March, Elisabete was once again present at Aïcha des Gazelles Rally, as a member of the Belgian VW team, with France Clèves as navigator. They finished fifth in the Expert class, which is the most difficult in that rally.

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