Elisabete Jacinto has left the desert

The Bio-Ritmo® racing truck is already up and running and finally the trio managed to get out safely from the Erg Chegaga dunes where they were for two days and two nights ago. The backhoe that helped the Portuguese to put the MAN TGS in its position arrived with them this morning when a complex operation began to straighten the truck. After many hours of work they were able to put the truck upright and after having checked the engine it was possible to remove the vehicle from the hole where it had fallen.

It is recalled that Elisabete Jacinto’s truck fell on Sunday during the third stage of Rallye Oilibya du Maroc because the front wheel on the right side got out of the rim, which caused a great instability in the MAN TGS that eventually fell on a dune.

The assistance team of Elisabete Jacinto acted promptly from the moment they realized that the broom wagon of the organization couldn’t reach the place where the trio was. The aid didn’t arrive sooner because the machine, rented by the team, took about 14 hours to reach the place where the incident occurred.

The Bio-Ritmo® team will be back in competition at the end of December, when the Africa Eco Race 2018 starts in Monaco.

Elisabete Jacinto waiting for the rescue

The Bio-Ritmo® team is still waiting for help to lift the MAN TGS that fell yesterday in a dune area in the Erg Chegaga when the Portuguese were fulfilling the third stage of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc. The Portuguese team was still trying to continue the race, but this situation depended on the help they would receive from the “broom wagon” sent by the organization on a rescue mission of the Portuguese.

However, the NPO truck failed to reach the place where Elisabete Jacinto and her teammates were and forced them to remain in the desert where they are at the moment. This way, and once that to continue in the race the Portuguese would have to arrive at the camp an hour before the first pilot left for today’s stage, the trio was forced to give up the rally.

Meanwhile the NPO helicopter has been with Elisabete Jacinto, José Marques and Marco Cochinho having left food and water.
The assistance team, which is about 400 kilometers away from where the incident occurred, has already sent support and is working to get the truck safely off. Jorge Gil, Director of the team, said: “they are doing well and we hope that the truck can still be in its normal position today, and then Marco will have to do the necessary work to start the engine” told the manager.

Elisabete Jacinto stopped in the desert

The Portuguese driver Elisabete Jacinto is stopped in the desert, where she is likely to stay overnight, after her competition truck has turned in the dunes of the Erg Chegaga when the pilot attempted to dodge a mud-covered area.

The Bio-Ritmo® team was fulfilling the third stage of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc, a long and difficult marathon day, when the incident occurred which left the Portuguese formation conditioned to the passage of the truck from the organization. The Portuguese are waiting for the help of the organization so that the MAN TGS can be lifted allowing them to stay in the race since the competitors can continue in the competition as long as they arrive at the camp one hour before the first pilot leaves for the next stage.

In the last hours a great sandstorm has risen which is greatly damaging the works of the Portuguese team that looks forward to the developments of the next hours.

Tomorrow will be the fourth and penultimate stage of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc 2017. In the journey that will connect the Erg Lihoudi and Erfoud the competitors will, once again, face two selective sectors, the first with 191.56 km and the second with 263.51 km. On this day the caravan of the rally will go through the different types of Moroccan landscapes. Dune crossing, fast and winding rails, oueds, fesh-fesh and sand tracks are the ingredients of this stage that will certainly be decisive for the final result of the competition.

Neutralization of stage doesn’t slow down Elisabete Jacinto

The Portuguese driver Elisabete Jacinto finished today the second stage of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc in the fourth place among the trucks, in a day in which the special, composed by a route of 354.45 kilometers, ended up being neutralized after the CP1, because the strong rains that fell in the region of Erfoud left one of the oued, that was part of the selective sector, impossible to surpass. For this reason, after completing 130 kilometers of course, the competitors were forced to stop and return to the bivouac without disputing the entire journey.

Due to this situation, until the time of sending this press release it wasn’t yet released a definitive classification, but in CP1 the Bio-Ritmo® team occupied the fourth place among the T4, at only 14m52 of the first place the Argentinean Frederico Villagra: “unfortunately today’s stage was neutralized shortly after CP1. It rained a lot two days ago and the oued that we were going to cross was impassable. NPO did the track reconnaissance before it rained and they didn’t realize that the rain caused damages. So it was only when the bikers arrived there and saw that they couldn’t get through, that the organization decided to neutralize the selective sector from CP1 onwards. We ended up doing only 130 kilometers, out of the 354 that composed the special. Everything was going well and we were getting a good rhythm when we had to go back to the camp” explained the Portuguese driver.

The third stage of this competition takes place between Erfoud and the Erg Lihoudi. The day will be divided into two selective sectors: the first one, composed by 435.11 timed kilometers, will have fast rails, crossings of oueds and paths through green palm trees. The second selective sector will be made of 142.79 kilometers. It begins on a very stony track and ends with the crossing of the highest dunes in the region.

Elisabete Jacinto in second among trucks

The portuguese driver Elisabete Jacinto finished today the first stage of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc in second place among the trucks and fourth place in the Open category. This journey, held between Fez and Erfoud, although winding and quite complex due to the numerous mountain passes, didn’t present any type of difficulty to the Bio-Ritmo® team that took 4h49m22s to finish the selective sector of 367.18 timed kilometers.

On a day when Frederico Villagra’s truck team won the Open class, the Portuguese driver was pleased about the result: “although it was a very tiring special because we had to leave the hotel very early, everything went well. We managed to fulfill the selective sector with a good rhythm and we didn’t have any problems, which is quite positive. We are tired, but satisfied because we have made a good stage”said Elisabete Jacinto.

The second stage of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc 2017 is disputed between Erfoud and the Erg Chebi and will have a total of 354,45 timed kilometers. The magnificent landscapes of the Moroccan desert will accompany the competitors in a stage that will be particularly arid. Crossings of sandy oueds, small dunes and sand tracks will be part of the day.

Elisabete Jacinto didn’t took chances at the prologue

The Portuguese driver Elisabete Jacinto started today her participation in the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc, having finished in fifth place among trucks and in the 11th position of the Open category in the Super Special that had 12 timed kilometers and took place around Fez, in Morocco. The Bio-Ritmo® team fulfilled this short selective sector, which had the Argentine Frederico Villagra as winner of the T4, without any difficulty.

Elisabete Jacinto chose to perform this Super Special with some caution, in order to don’t compromise the race, because the winding mountain route wasn’t favorable to the trucks: “Today we made a short prologue in the region of Fez. It was a narrow mountain lane with many cliffs and huge holes. There were a lot of dangers and for us that compete in a truck things got even more complicated. So I decided to be more defensive because I didn’t want to make mistakes. When we have a long race ahead of us, it’s not worth risking, particularly on a course as short as we had today. I already know that the prologue is not my strong point because I take a while to adapt. So I preferred to enter with some caution but it all went well” explained the Portuguese driver.

A significant note is that the pilot Elisabete Jacinto was honored yesterday by NPO, which organizes this rally, during the opening ceremony of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc. As a way to mark the tenth anniversary of the event, the organization decided to award some motorcycle, car and truck drivers a distinction for their frequent participation, curriculum and also for the human values demonstrated during the ten years in which this rally took place. In addition to Elisabete Jacinto were also honored Paulo Gonçalves, Nasser Al-Attiyah, Bruno da Costa, Rafal Sonik, David Fratigne among others.
Tomorrow will be held the first stage of the Rally Oilibya du Maroc 2017 which will be disputed between Fez and Erfoud and will present a selective sector made of 367.18 kilometers. On this journey the tracks will alternate between stony paths and fast and winding tracks. The navigation will be particularly complex which will require extreme concentration of both pilots and co-pilots.

Elisabete Jacinto starts Rallye du Maroc

The Portuguese driver Elisabete Jacinto and the Bio-Ritmo® team held today in Fez the administrative and technical checks of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc which will start tomorrow, with a Super Special stage composed by 12 timed kilometers, and will end on  October 10th in Erfoud, Morocco.

The Portuguese have fulfilled the usual checks on all the documentation and technical requirements of the vehicles, which were followed by some delays unrelated to the team: “Usually the checks are carried out quickly and quietly. However, today we lived the slowest checks that I can remember. There were endless lines of people waiting for their turn. All of this happened because the Internet registration system did not work, making the process very slow here. After, there was a problem with the installation of the new Iritrack model on our truck that took forever to be ready. With all of this we skipped lunch which made everything more difficult”, said Elisabete Jacinto, who is already in position to start the race and compete for six days in this great African marathon, which will be held in some of the most inhospitable and desertified landscapes in the world.

This edition of the Rallye du Maroc will be a real challenge for the Bio-Ritmo® team, as they will be competing against excellent teams, whose high budgets allow them to equip the trucks making them very effective and well prepared vehicles. Given this scenario, Elisabete Jacinto believes that the reliability, consistency and the team spirit will be the great assets to achieve the objectives: “Today is a day of great enthusiasm and expectation. It’s the day when we look at the other trucks and let ourselves be impressed by what we see. Based on this observation we try to predict the future and make guesses about the classification. On our part we are ready to give the maximum and we will fight for a good result. I hope that luck is on our side” said the Portuguese driver.

The first round of this 18th Rally Oilibya du Maroc will be held tomorrow. A super special stage made of 12 kilometer, held around Fez, will be on the day’s agenda and its main objective is to establish the starting sequence for the first stage of this event.