2015 – History

The year 2015 was not the best for Elisabete Jacinto’s team, since several mechanical problems were encountered all through the season. At the Africa Race she wins the second round and the feat is not repeated at the ninth only because the protective cover was not properly placed on the intake tube, which caused deficient air entrance and ultimately the intake tube collapse. The finishing line was already in sight when the Kamaz team overtook her. At the fourth round, the shock absorber stay broke, and the team had to veer from the course, which entailed a penalty.

For the Moroccan rally, which took place in October, the turbo was changed at the eve of the race, as a precaution, but it broke unexpectedly, forcing the team not to finish the round and to suffer a penalty.

Technically, this year the team changed the TGS cabin, this one having now a security arch, according to new FIA rules. A steering column adequate for competition was acquired,  and there was a new attempt at inserting steering shock absorbers.

This year Elisabete teamed with France Clèves to take part once again in the Aïcha des Gazelles Rally, from Amarok, as a member of the VW team. A mistake when marking the last point in the chart caused the team to fall to sixth place.

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