2009 History


This year the Dakar Rally takes place in South America for the first time and its name becomes “Dakar Argentina-Chile”.

Elisabete sets out to the new Continent with her team and in the first day of the rally gets an excellent 11th place in the general classification.

However, during the fifth streak her truck caught fire.

The dense clouds of dust and the degradation of the soil, causing cars to stop on the trail, were at the origin of her colliding with the back of Ivan Muller’s buggy, and that led to the complete burning of both vehicles.

Elisabete acquires a new truck, the MAN TGS, and dedicates the year 2009 to prepare it.

In June she goes to Morocco for some tests, but it was at the Moroccan rally that she first tried her TGS in competition.

She won to specials and was second among trucks.

It was also in 2009 that Elisabete decided to return to Africa for the Africa Race Rally, instead of taking part in the Dakar Rally, as she had done for 10 years.


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