2011 History


The 2011 sports season begins with Africa Eco Race.

Happy to go back to the big African marathon, the team gets to the end of this rally for the first time, being second among trucks and seventh in the car/truck joint classification.

The beginning of 2011 was a time of distress, with revolution in many North African countries.

The Tunisian rally was in danger of not taking place but, to give a sort of affidavit to the newly formed democracy, both the organization and the teams made an effort to be present.

The rally was held as normally as possible.

The result obtained by the MAN TGS was first place among trucks and eighth in the car/truck classification.

At the Moroccan rally the team had to deal with a vast number of prototype trucks and strong competition. It held its own with teamDeRooy and finished in third place, first among regular trucks.

At the end of the year Elisabete decides to change the configuration of the suspension buffer springs, in order to become more competitive. She asks ELO to produce buffer springs capable of improving the suspension in her truck, and she starts preparing for the next season.


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