2002 History


In 2002, since it was impossible to go back to the Paris Dakar Rally for financial reasons, Elisabete decided to end her motorcycle running career and to start driving cross country trucks.

With the purpose of becoming adept at four-wheel driving, she continues to enter Copa Jimny by Cimpomotor invitation.

She takes part in two World Cup rallies having in mind the possibility of entering the Paris Dakar rally driving a rented car – a Toyota Land Cruizer.

Sónia Catarino was her navigator, except at Baja Portalegre, in which Elisabete took part with Rui Porêlo.

Copa Jimny

3 Hours CC Accenture

Lameirinho/Serras do Norte CC Rally

Esporão Vindimas CC Rally

Baja Sagres Portalegre

Cross Country Cars World Cup

Baja de Aragón

Master Rally

This same year she receives at Baja Portalegre an invitation by Team Tibau to drive a truck at the Paris Dakar Rally.


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