2004 History


Elisabete enters the Paris-Dakar Rally for the second time with a truck – a Renault Kerax 4×4.

When she finished this rally (in 26th place) she became one of the first women in the World to have managed to do so.

Her success motivates her to take part in other World Cup competitions. One of these is the Rallye Optic Tunisie, and she becomes the first woman in the World to win a special streak driving a truck.

She finishes this rally as runner-up in the truck category.

In spite of the success, Elisabete and Renault Trucks decide to cut the sports season short in order to make mechanical improvements in the truck, particularly at suspensions and engine levels.

Following an invitation by Alberto Gonçalves, she enters Rallye Aicha des Gazelles for the second time with Sofia Carvalhosa in a Renault Kangoo.

Elisabete’s aim was to win in the SUV category, but a penalty wrongly imposed by the organization classifies her as runner-up.


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