“Os Portugas no Dakar” (The Portugeese in the Dakar) Volume 2

In a partnership with Luis Pinto-Coelho, the second volume of “Os Portugas no Dakar” comic strip deals with the most significant aspects of Elisabete Jacinto’s part in the Paris-Dakar Rally, when she was the only Portuguese woman to enter it on a motorbike, as well as those of all the other Portuguese drivers who took part in it between 1998 and 2001.

It is really a work of art when we consider how expressive Luis Pinto-Coelho’s drawings are.

It was published by Plátano Editora and may be bought at Plátano Editora bookshop, 31, Av. de Berna, Lisbon, or in this publisher’s site. It is also possible to order it at any bookshop.


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