2012 History


Having finished the Africa Eco Race with an excellent second place among trucks and fourth in the Car/Truck classification, the team felt the need to technically improve the truck.

Therefore, the performance of the engine was enhanced, the tanks were raised to better allow going over the crests of dunes, a cabin support system was created, and the exit angle and suspensions were improved.

The truck also changed in appearance, with the new logo of the Oleoban brand.

Instead of the usual Tunisian rally (which did not take place this year),  the team entered the Baja de Aragón and is second among trucks and seventh in the Car/Truck general classification. There followed the Moroccan rally, where once again they had to face really competitive trucks, and they finished in third place.

The year 2012 also included Elisabete taking part in the main navigation rally in the world, the Aϊcha des Gazelles Rally. She was invited to enter the Volkswagen team, which had 10 Pick-up Amarock in it. She teamed with Sofia Carvalhosa and was third in the Car/Truck classification.

It was a good sports year for the whole team!


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