2014 History


The year 2014 began with the Oleoban team entering the Africa Eco Race Rally.

At the last streak Elisabete drops from second to third place in the Truck category due to a problem in the front transmission of her MAN, driving the last 60km with just two-wheel drive.

With Valérie Dot she takes part in the Aicha des Gazelles Rally, driving a VW Amarock, and finishes second in the 4×4/Truck category.

In the Moroccan Rally she competes with several prototype trucks and finishes fourth in the Truck category. This year, Hydraplan, Lisbon MAN concessionary, moved to another venue, and that reflected in the need for a new workshop.

A new cargo box, more functional and resistant, was built for the assistance truck.

The competition truck also had its cargo box replaced with a lighter one and having better aerodynamic performance.

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