2003 History


Elisabete enters the Telefónica Dakar Rally driving a truck for the first time, a Mercedes 1936, with the Belgian Charly Gotlib as navigator and the Spaniard David Martin as mechanic.

Having had little experience driving trucks and with one which did not have much power, besides being loaded with material for assistance to other teams, Elisabete turned out to be unable to overcome all dunes in time.

Having driven without sleeping for three days in a row, she leaves the competition and goes to the T5 category (Assistance Vehicle Category).

Being convinced that she can do better, Elisabete spends the whole season preparing her next entry driving a truck.

This same year, by invitation from Alberto Gonçalves, she takes part in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles.

It is a competition for women only, where navigation is paramount, and Elisabete Jacinto and Sofia Carvalhosa win the SUV category with a Renault Kangoo.


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