“Os Portugas no Dakar” (The Portugeese in the Dakar) Volume 1

“Os Portugas no Dakar” Volume 1 tells in comic strips the stories of the Portuguese motorcycle riders who took part in the Paris-Dakar Rally. It was a partnership with Luis Pinto-Coelho. The idea arose in 2001, at one of the last streaks of the Paris-Dakar rally. The work took some time, and the first volume was published in 2003. In it the true stories of the first Portuguese who entered the Paris-Dakar Rally riding motorcycles between 1991 and 1994 are told in a somewhat funny way. This comic strip book is officially recommended for reading by youngsters.

It is for sale at Plátano Editora bookshop, 31, Av. de Berna, Lisbon, or in this publisher’s site. It is also possible to order it at any bookshop.


Apresentação Team Bio-Ritmo / MAN